Hello World, Welcome To My Blog!!!

Who am I?

I am Fayimora Femi-Balogun, a 20 year old Computer Scientist. As you might have already guessed, I'm a technophile. I also LOVE programming. I wrote my first program(Hello World in Java) on the 28th of September 2010.

Since then I have learnt a few more languages and paradigms, written a boat load of games and small apps, participated in numerous programming contests, contributed to Open Source projects, worked at Goldman Sachs where I developed and maintained software. I've also been teaching programming(amongst other things) at my University since 2011(my 2nd year).

Why am I blogging?

Initially, I just wanted to have a blog. You know, everyone was blogging but after a while, I realised I actually had a lot to offer. A blog isn't just where you write your controversial rants but also a place where you can share useful knowledge to the society. In addition, I have come to realise that by explaining things to people, I learn better and quicker.

A few friends have tried to get me to start blogging but I have been quite reluctant to do so. I chucked it up to laziness but really, I didn't think I had what it took to be a good blogger. But then how can I know that if I don't try right? So here I am!

What will I be writing about?

Pretty much everything to be honest. Of course they'll mostly be about geeky and nerdy stuff like Programming, Machine Learning, Raspberry Pis and some tips I find particularly useful when working on various project. Nonetheless, I will write about general stuff once in a while.


Aside from the fact that I now believe I have a lot to offer and have what it takes to blog, I also want to learn from you! Sometimes, you might not agree with my methods. In such cases, please leave a comment and we can ponder on it. I may be wrong or we may just end up realising, yet again, that there are many ways to skin a cat :)

Ok that's it for now. See you in the upcoming posts.

Hello World, Welcome To My Blog!!!
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