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    Zebra Crossing

    What's up with people carelessly crossing the road because of some stupid white stripes? Over the past few years, I have noticed that a number of people just waltz into the road without reasonable caution because of the Zebra crossing sign. While I understand that vehicles are meant to halt for you, I dont think that means you cross the road without making sure the oncoming vehicle actually stops!

    I like my life so when a car is approaching, I wait for it to come to a complete halt(almost) before I cross the road, especially in the evenings/nights. I had this conversation with someone once:

    Fayi: Why did you cross the road so carelessly?.
    Response: Carelessly? It's Zebra crossing.
    Fayi: So? What if the driver gets slightly distracted at the wrong time?
    Response: If the driver hits me, he/she is in trouble!
    Fayi: Trouble? 😂 Right! and who will end up using a wheelchair or in the morgue?
    Response: Hmmm .....

    Take care of yourselves people...

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